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Stadium Reporter - Provincia de Entre Ríos

Provincia de Entre Ríos!!!!!!!!!!! Do you like soccer or any other sport? are you a responsible person? do you speak English perfectly well? ok, you are the one we are looking for!! our company is looking for people in order to go to the different stadiums of Argentinian leagues and provide live data from them. Become a stadium reporter and get well paid for reporting games in our country, this is the ideal part time job !! we are needing people in Entre Ríos!! To apply for this job you MUST HAVE PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF SPORTS RULES, ESPECIALLY IN SOCCER. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU MUST HAVE A HIGH LEVEL OF ENGLISH AS WELL AS A HIGH KNOWLEDGE IN SOCCER RULES, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE "BOTH" REQUIREMENTS PLEASE REFRAIN. If you are interested contact me as soon as possible through thi page, I will be answering all your questions. Thanks in advance, kind regards.

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